Dean Elgar – anagrammatic cricketer

Must admit, I’m a bit of a Dean Elgar fan.

Not so much for his cricket, but because he has the most anagrammatic name in the eager land of South Africa.

Not everyone sees him as such a dear angel though.

We all remember when he was just a green lad, making an unfortunate pair in his debut test in Perth in 2012. 

So when selected for the 2nd test in this series, his batting record enlarged a level of confidence in the Australian camp.

How Clarke and Haddin did laugh and regale the newer players with stories of his mediocre batting and omission from contracts.

“Let’s make sure our best sledges are angled at Elgar” said Johnson.

I seem to remember ‘anal edger’ was one unfortunate choice.

That was the worst kind of ear nag – led by Shaun Marsh who, granted, is an authority on ducks.

Elgar’s bowling though deserved some criticism – the ball spinning like a leaden rag.

But he’s only a part-timer so it’s hardly his fault if he doesn’t dare angle it too sharply.

Steyn’s recent injury means Elgar is bowling more than usual, so it’s hardly surprising if he harbours some Dale anger.

Not sure if Steyn will bowl again – I guess it depends how sore his hamstring and leg are.

Elgar looks calm enough, but who knows what bowling-laden rage lurks within?

He might have even give Steyn a bit of a Dean glare as he was padding up.

Dale will definitely have to shout Dean lager later.

So, most anagrammatic name in the land – agree?

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